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Gravity thickening in mineral processing

Efficient performance of thickeners, clarifiers, washers, settlers and classifiers is crucial to most mineral processing, hydrometallurgical and water treatment operations. In our experience there is very significant scope for improvement in most applications. Poor performance is often blamed on the flocculant, but in reality, most problems relate to how the flocculant is dosed and sub-optimal hydrodynamics during the flocculation process. The challenges are to understand how to increase throughput, enhance performance (overflow clarity, underflow density, flocculant usage, reduce costs, improve operational stability). This can be achieved through better operating practices, retrofitting existing units and the development of new design concepts.


AMIRA P266 "Improving Thickener Technology"

The AMIRA P266 series of projects has considerably advanced the understanding of the processes occurring within gravity thickeners. This has been achieved through the coupling of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, physical modelling, experiments, flocculation performance testing, fundamental chemical studies and extensive on-site measurements. As a consequence of long-term industry support, the research team now leads the world in identifying the key factors affecting full-scale thickener performance and in modifying design and operating conditions to realise improvements. Only sponsors of the P266 projects have access to (1) the team for problem solving projects and (2) the range of technology transfer resources that have been developed.

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AMIRA P266G Extension Project to the "Improving Thickener Technology" series

P266G commenced in September 2012 and is being supported by 16 operating and supplier companies. Additional sponsors are still welcome. To find out more details, contact Gray Bailey at gray.bailey@amirainternational.com.

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